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            文章出处:http://www.flyfrank.com/人气:发表时间:2010-10-29 8:06:17

            Hebei Golden according to network industry is a professional production of galvanized gabion mesh gabion mesh Philippines and other products of the professional manufacturers, the use of gabion wide range can be divided into the following applications:

            1, control and guide the river and flood

            The most serious disaster was the river water to river erosion damage caused by flooding caused massive loss of life and property suffered a lot of soil erosion. Therefore, in dealing with these issues, the gabion structure (stone cage and pad) application to become one of the best solution, it can be permanent river bank protection.

            2, channel Canal bed

            Channel construction, related to the stability of the slope and the river bed. So use gabion stone pad located structure, a century of transformation of the many natural rivers and artificial channels, the main method used by excavation. It can be played on the river bank or a permanent and effective protection, he also controls the flow of water to prevent water loss of function, especially in environmental protection and quality of water, and has excellent effect.

            3, the slope revetment

            Gabion mesh gabion bank protection, and pad applications and rivers and the toe protection is a very successful model, which leverages the advantages of gabion mesh, to achieve its methods can not achieve the desired effect.

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